• Registration for our rec program is open until Feb 15th.
  • The Spring Recital fee, $45 per family, is due with March tuition.
  • Registration for our 2023-24 season will open mid April.
  • Please continue to be safe and cautious in the parking lots. At the Riverton studio, please do not block the parking stalls in front of the studio. Review the drop-off/pick-up section of the website, located under our “Studio Policies” tab.
  • Follow us on instagram @aeddancestudio.


  • Competition Dates are linked HERE!
  • The Company Showcase fee, $35, is due with March tuition.
  • Competition schedules will be emailed out as soon as we receive them. We usually get the information the week of the competition.
  • Please review the attendance policy. Attendance this time of year is crucial. If a company member misses ANY class within two weeks of a performance, they will be taken out of their dance(s). Please plan according and respect the policy, as it will benefit the students & teachers.

Please refer to the Important Dates/Holiday page HERE for all studio closures.