Dancewear Store & Snack Shack

Dancewear Store


Open during classtime. All items are for purchase in-studio

Our full-service dancewear store is available to the public. We sell a variety of dance wear items at great costs! Here are just a few:


Child: $12.00 | Adult: $14.00

Colors: Pink or Tan


Leather Ballet Shoes – Child: $30.00 | Adult: $34.00

Canvas Ballet Shoes – $24.00

Gore Boots – Child: $40.00 | Adult: $46.00

Pirouette Shoes – $25-$34

Tap Shoes – Child: $42-50

Other Dancewear Items

Clear Back Bra: $33.00

Dance Bags: $20.00-$50.00

Socks (Tan or Black): $15.00



Priced  $21.00 to $43.00


Spankie Shorts – Child: $21.00 | Adult: $30.00

Leggings: $40-$50

Snack Shack

Items purchased from the AED Snack Shack may be paid with cash or through your dancer’s account. You may preload money into their Snack Shack account, or authorize your dancer to charge items to your account. Your credit card will be charged the remaining balance weekly.