Class Descriptions

Mommy & Me (Pre-Ballet)


A creative movement class suitable for ages 2 – 3
years. Perfect for the child who still needs a little more time before separating from their parent or caregiver. Parents or caregivers participate actively in the class as children learn basic dance steps and terminology through songs, stories, and play. This class will build their self-confidence to help them blossom into beautiful ballerinas!

Combo Class

A class suitable for dancers ages 3-6. Our goal is to make sure that each child is nurtured in their natural creativity in a fun and loving atmosphere. The combo class provides a strong foundation in the fundamentals of jazz, ballet, and tumbling. Dancers will also develop strong balance, coordination, and kinesthetic awareness. Dancers must be potty trained.


This upbeat class will help your child to find their inner love for movement. We offer jazz classes for all ages and levels. Jazz dancing is a combination of many dance styles including funk, character, and broadway musical. Dancers will learn both the classic jazz style as well as jazz technique.


Ballet is the core foundation of all other dance forms. We offer ballet classes for all ages and levels. Students are taught proper body alignment and technique. Barre and center floor work are combined with choreography combinations to teach musicality, rhythm, coordination, and flexibility. We also offer pointe classes to our more advanced dancers.


This modern dance class mixes jazz technique, lyrical, and classical ballet with innovative new age contemporary tricks and choreography. Contemporary connects the mind and the body through fluid dance movements.

Competition Program

Our competitive program prepares dancers for high school, collegiate, and professional dance teams. While we aim for first place trophies, our top priority is building a strong, technical dancer. 

Our competitive program is divided into Pre-Company, Company, & Academy, each with different expectations and time commitments. Dancers will participate in the following: 

Pre-Company: 2 competitions, 3 recitals

Company: 4 competitions, 3 recitals

Academy: 4 competitions, 2 convention, 3 recitals


Beginning in the early 1970s in The Bronx, New York, Hip Hop has grown into a worldwide culture that includes dance, music, and art. We offer Hip Hop dance classes to all ages and levels, as well as boys and girls Hip Hop classes. In this class our dancers will learn foundation and fundamentals of Hip Hop dance styles such as: Breaking, Party Dancing, Locking, and Popping.

Turns & Progressions

This class dives deeper into the fundamentals of turning
and technical sequencing of moves along with combining turns and tricks. Turns & Progressions focuses on the proper technique in pirouettes, leaps, jumps, battements, feet strengthening, flexibility, extensions, etc.


Students will learn tumbling skills, flexibility, muscle control, balance, and concentration with an emphasis on skill progression and proper technique. We offer beginner to elite level tumbling classes.


Students will learn basic tap steps set to fun upbeat music. By using the taps on their shoes your child can create exciting rhythms and become the heartbeat of dance.